Heritage Recording Co.

Burbank, Ca.



Heritage Recording Company is a vibrant recording studio conveniently situated in the Media District of Downtown Burbank.  With an assortment of the finest vintage and modern gear available, Heritage has a unique blend that features the vibe of the classic 1950’s-60’s studios such as Chess, Sun, and Stax and cutting-edge equipment that is required to produce quality tracking, mixing, and editing. Heritage is proud to be an artist friendly studio, in terms of pricing and conveniences, which includes a kitchen area and Wi-Fi access.  Working with Heritage provides a creative atmosphere and a place where the artist’s voice will be heard.




Custom Fully Discrete Spectra Sonics
16 Mic/Eq, 28 Line In, 12 bus, Transformer Balanced.
(ex. Record Plant , Muscle Shoals)

Studer A-827 24 Track Tape Recorder
Ampex Atr-102  2 Track tape Recorder
Pro Tools Hd
plugins from Waves, Universal Audio, etc.
Avid Converters (24 channels In/Out)
Benchmark Dac-1 (2)
Forssell M-adc-2
Hhb 850 Cdr

Tannoy Sgm-10bs
Proac 100's
Mackie Hr-824′s
Yamaha P-2200
Bryston 4b
Mytek Headphone Mixers (5)


Neumann U47
Neumann U67
Neumann M49
Neumann Km-253
Neumann Km-184 (2)
Rca 77-dx
Rca Ku3a
Rca Bk5-a
Rca Varicoustic
Royer R-121 (2)
Schoeps 221b (2)
Akg D112
Bock ifet
Shure Sm-57 (4)
Sennheiser E604′s (3)
Electrovoice Re15
Electrovoice 666 (2)
Electrovoice Re20


Mic Pre’s/Eq’s:
Quad Eight MM-71′s Mic Pre/ Eq  (Ex. Neil Young)  (11)
Neve 1084′s (2)
Langevin 5117's (2)
Api 312 (4)
Electrodyne 511 (2)
Telefunken V72's (2)

Cinema Engineering 4031-b
Lang Peq-2


Pomchild Fairchild (Vintage Transformers)
Universal Audio 175b
Urei La3a’s (2)
Urei 1176
Teletronix La2a
Rca Ba6a
Gates Sta-level


Bricasti M7
Echoplate 2
Binson Echorec
Echoplex Ep-2
Akg Bx20
Lexicon Pcm-42


Mason And Hamlin Upright Piano
Hammond Organ.
Large collection of  Vintage Guitars, Amps, and Drums

(Tape machines and drums additional rental)

**Gear List subject to change. Check for availabilty**

For booking please email
or call 818-557-7222